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Student Engagement

Engagement can be explained generally as the interest and attention levels of the students in the class. Participation levels, how they interact with the material, how they access it, and...

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Sight Words

Sight Words are a major new element of our Saturday Program in the 2021-2022 school year. Sight Words are high-frequency words that appear within the English language. Universally, there are...

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April 2021 – COVID-19 Letter

We wanted to email you regarding concerns in the community involving the steady increase of COVID 19 cases in Osaka and the growing discussion surrounding the potential ‘4th Wave’. IN...

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November COVID-19 Updates

Fortunately, our school community has remained safe throughout this time. Even so, the increase in cases is a significant cause for concern. Over the past weeks, we have observed a...

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Halloween 2020

Our Halloween Event was celebrated on October 31st this year. Due to the COVID situation, we changed the way we ran our event and the children really enjoyed it.

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