Winter Intensives Application
at Nakatsu

ALL NEW in December 2021!!

Week 1 - December 20th to 23rd
Week 2 - December 26th to 29th
Week 3 - January 4th to 7th

Focusing on Science, STEM, and the Body this season's Intensives brings all-new hands-on learning experiences for the students to engage them in their learning while also continuing to support their language and literacy development. With content specifically tailored to the needs of the students, they will focus on one overarching theme for the week, which will be used as a catalyst for their ongoing learning.

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Curriculum Element

Physical Education

PE is a 30-minute block that takes place for each group of students each week either in the gym or outside. Our PE teacher (Ms. Hall) works hard to ensure the students get a range of different activities each week that develop and strengthen their Gross Motor Skills (GMS).

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Curriculum Element

Student Engagement

Engagement can be explained generally as the interest and attention levels of the students in the class. Participation levels, how they interact with the material, how they access it, and the passion they show for it as they are taught in class. It also can more generally refer to the motivation that the students feel for school and education.

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Curriculum Element

Curriculum Elements – Journal

Journaling as a skill for students helps children express themselves, and supports their ability to organize their ideas and thoughts in a structured and more clear way. Journals reflect the students’ ideas, opinions and interests.

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