November COVID-19 Updates

Fortunately, our school community has remained safe throughout this time. Even so, the increase in cases is a
significant cause for concern. Over the past weeks, we have observed a trend of growing case numbers across the
city. As numbers rise, the risk to our community and the need to be vigilant increases. We hope you can continue to
support us as we work to keep our school community safe.

Summer Intensive Program

Open to all students from New Preschool to New JHS, our curriculum places on the fun, hands-on learning elements that help children learn and retain knowledge. Through a range of engaging activities, the children of varying English abilities will practice their English skills in an emersive environment.

Grade 7-9 Summer Music Intensive

Designed for students with a passion for music, with the requirement of experience reading and playing a musical instrument, the sessions will be based on a more student-led, collaborative approach to creating and writing a piece of music.

Grade 1-6 Summer Drawing Intensive

Designed for students with a passion for drawing, the program has been developed to give students an insight into a range of drawing techniques

Saturday Programs Community Participation

As we continue to expand and develop our Saturday Program through the exploration of opportunities to work more more collaboratively with the OYIS Monday to Friday Programs, we encourage, support and engage our students in a positive learning environment each week.

April 2021 – COVID-19 Letter

We wanted to email you regarding concerns in the community involving the steady increase of COVID 19 cases in Osaka and the growing discussion surrounding the potential ‘4th Wave’. IN keeping with this, we wanted to take the opportunity to inform you of the precautionary measures we continue to implement to ensure the safety of the students whilst they are in our care.

Halloween 2020

Our Halloween Event was celebrated on October 31st this year. Due to the COVID situation, we changed the way we ran our event and the children really enjoyed it.