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Single Trial Lesson - Study Support Session


Student Support Groups are designed to empower your children to achieve their academic goals. These group sessions are limited to 4 students (max.) in order for teachers to spend time with each student reviewing class content, supporting homework completion, and diving deep into complex topics. MYP Student Support Groups will be tied to the same content that students covered in class that week, allowing participants to engage with the skills and tasks assigned by their class teacher.




Tailored to the needs of each student’s ability, the small Study Support Groups’ focus will be on the content covered that week in their class. Teachers will re-examine and explain the content that has been covered, before giving the students additional opportunities to work through problems and examples of the key concepts and ideas. This program has been established to provide support for parents who feel their children may need additional help, are finding the content somewhat challenging within specific classes or those who may not be as strong in particular subjects but need them as part of a pathway to a particular outcome.

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Grade 7-11


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