AfterCare Program

Saturday can be a busy day for parents, and we know it is not always easy to get everything done you would like to. As a result we have decided to open a Daycare Session for parents so they are able to leave their child a little longer in an English environment to give them a little more time on Saturdays after their child finishes class. Students will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as craft, coloring, free play and free drawing.

Homework Study Course

As the children continue through our Saturday School Program at OYIS, their English skills increase and develop, we know it can be challenging for non-English speaking parents or caregivers and those that have limited English skills to support their children to complete their homework. To further support you as parents and caregivers, we have implemented the Homework Program for Saturday Students. The program will provide an opportunity for students to do their Saturday School Homework with the help of some of our support staff as and when they need it. Each session will run from 3:00 – 3:45 each Saturday there is a Saturday School.