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Please note this application is ONLY for the Preschool students in the 2024-2025 Japanese school year (those born between 2020 April ~ 2021 March).

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Please note this application is ONLY for the Kindergarten students in the 2024-2025 Japanese school year (which is those born between 2018 April ~ 2020 March).

Elementary Application

ONLY for the new Elementary students (Grade1-6) in the 2024-2025 Japanese school year (which is those born between 2012 April~2018 March).

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Our son first got a chance to participate in the OYIS Intensive Programs in the summer of 2021. He spoke literally “zero” English back then, but had no time to be shy or worry about that fact. Teachers and staff had put together a whole variety of interesting activities to keep him busy and fascinated all day. One week he brought home a dinosaur made out of clay, and another week he showed off his handmade paper sphere painted to look like the Earth. He had happily spent weeks in an English environment. I noticed each program had been “universally designed” for children with different English proficiency levels. I also found that in the environment they have created, the children can liberate themselves from the fear to make mistakes by being challenged, making mistakes, and being encouraged and praised which is a very important part of the learning process.
We soon signed up for the Saturday Program to continue our relationship with OYIS. Our son was delighted he could carry on having fun with all the hands-on experiments and craft time. He gradually started to say short phrases in English at home. He told me the secret that led him to keep up with that effort. His Saturday Class had an original purple alien anime character called “Joon”, and little “Joon” cards would be handed out as an award to anyone who tried to speak in English. “Learning” in English was designed to co-exist with having fun. The same boy who would never wake up during weekdays would be wide awake before 6 on Saturdays to go to school.
We truly appreciate the kind and patient teaching staff and friends, who kept encouraging our son, as it clearly unlocked his heart to want to explore the world more in English. Now that we have joined OYIS Monday to Friday, we are once again reminded and fully aware there are miles to go from where we currently stand, and the journey will not be easy. However, the passionate teachers and friends we met along the way have reassured us time and again that we are not alone in this challenge and are shedding light on where we want to be in the future. We are truly grateful to be members of the OYIS community and hope to enjoy, learn and grow together.
Ogawa Family

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Frequently asked questions.

Why choose OYIS Saturday Class and what makes us different?

With engaging teachers who provide students with fun and enjoyable learning experiences, OYIS Saturday classes provide your child with an immersive English environment. With specialized IT and PE lessons the children have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities that cater specifically to their age groups needs. Students are able to develop their speaking and literacy skills through workbook lessons, discussions and hands-on learning activities. Children are encouraged to collaborate with one another in teams to improve teamwork skills whilst also getting the opportunity to work independently.

Why use English immersion?
An immersive language environment is one in which the child is surrounded by that language throughout the day. Studying a language when you are a child has significant benefits to a range of learning areas. Even more so when the environment the children are learning within is an immersion environment. Throughout the day the teachers they interact with speak in English to help them learn more and continue to develop their skills further.
When does the school year run from and to? And how many lessons are there a year?

Saturday classes run according to the Japanese calendar of April to March. There are 35 lessons in total for the year. During the Winter, Summer and Spring breaks, parents also have the option to enroll their children in one of our three intensive courses that are held. Parents choosing to have their child attend these programs will not only be able to add to their children’s English learning experience, but will also be eligible for discounts on all the programs offered. More information can be found here.

What are the facilities like at OYIS?
The Nakatsu OYIS facility boasts spacious, colourful learning environments, a large gym, a Science/IT Lab and an outside pool that is used during the summer months. Designed to enhance the student’s educational experiences, we also have a sizable outside area the children are able to use during breaks and outside time. Classrooms have large windows that let in natural light and movable furniture to allow for both independent and group work. We currently have 15 classes on Saturday for children aged between 3 and 11 years old.
Are there any Events throughout the year?

We have a number of events the children participate in. The biggest being the Performance which is held at the end of the school year. The children also participate in Halloween and Christmas  Events.

In the 2020-21 school year we are planning on increasing the number of events held throughout the year to include more events as we know how much fun they are for the children. 

View events here.

What forms of communication does the school have with the parents?
Through the use of Google Classroom each week teachers upload the weekly homework and a brief description of what they have done in class each week. We also post frequently on the oyis.external Facebook and Instagram pages to provide parents with a window into weekly activities, both in class and throughout the day. Parents are also provided with the opportunity to see the class twice in the year. Parents also receive a report during the year from the teachers outlining how their child is progressing in the class and all parents are encouraged to contact us for further information should they require it or have any questions.
Who are the teachers at OYIS Saturday Classes?

We pride ourselves on choosing teachers who not only have English teaching experience within Japan as this helps to position them to better understand the unique needs of our students, but also those who can demonstrate engaging, enjoyable learning experiences for the students.


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