External coordinators.

Emily Donkin

External Programmes Coordinator

Teacher trained in Australia and having worked in education in Osaka for 15 years, I feel the learning needs of the students need to be facilitated by engaging, supportive, and entertaining teachers within our programs. English education is more than just about opening doors its about learning about other countries and cultures, being exposed to new experiences, and having the confidence to talk with people from other countries.

Yuki Toyoda

Saturday Coordnator

Having lived in the U.K. for 3 years, I studied Communication Art at College. My career has mainly been in that area, before I started at OYIS. Being able to communicate in English has helped me in a lot of situations and I feel this is a very important skill to have for everyone. I joined OYIS Saturday school as a Teaching Assistant in Elementary and am now very happy to support all our students as a member of the OYIS Saturday Management Team.

Riko Otsubo

Intensive Coordinator

Worked as a member of the OYIS Office Staff for 2.5 years also supporting the Intensive Programs. I learnt English at University and feel that English is the best way for students to increase their knowledge of the world. I’m happy to support the children’s English education through the programs we run at OYIS.

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Staff Testimonial

Working part-time on a Saturday after a long week of full-time Mon-Fri work can be difficult. No one likes working on their day off. But at OYIS Saturday School I always felt like Saturday was the best part of my work week, so it never really felt like such a chore. I would wake up early on a Saturday and think not "Ugh, I have to go to work" but "Oh We're doing.... today, how exciting!". At OYIS Saturday School teachers are given all the resources they need and enough guidance and support, balanced well with the trust and freedom to deliver high-quality lessons. The curriculum contains a sufficient amount of content and yet a fair bit of flexibility so that teachers can adapt to the needs of their students. The classrooms have technology (such as projectors, Chromecast, Apple TVs, etc) that can be very helpful in enhancing the effectiveness of lessons and taking advantage of the myriad of resources available online these days. The staff is friendly and helpful. There are native teachers from different places with different kinds of experience who are always willing to help out with ideas and advice. The Japanese teachers are hard-working and dedicated and help to make the day go smoothly. The management is incredibly supportive, available to assist with any issues that might arise, open to ideas, and very helpful in communicating with the parents. The students are energetic and rambunctious but also motivated and eager to learn. OYIS Saturday School is one of the best places I've worked in my 8 years teaching English in Japan.
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Saturday Program Teacher

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OYIS Saturday School & Intensives Programs are always looking for enthusiastic, engaging and fun teachers to join our team. OYIS strives to hire teachers that are committed to the learning needs of the children. We prioritize teachers who are competent, creative and contribute to the overall community and atmosphere of our programs. We value multicultural competency and international mindedness. If you believe you fit the criteria we are looking for please complete the online application below.


Saturday Teacher

• Competitive daily salary
• 35 Saturdays over the school year
• Approximately 5 contact hours per Saturday
• Bilingual teaching assistant in each class
• Priority given to teach intensive programs throughout the year
• 1 year contracts available

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Intensive Teacher

• Competitive daily salary
• Comprehensive curriculum
• Approximately 5 contact hours per day
• Bilingual teaching assistant in each class
• Short term contracts available

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Office Staff

We are looking for staff that will work 5 days a week, one of those days being a Saturday.


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